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The Book of Time by Guillaume Prevost

08 Nov

 Made up of three books, this series is a good read. The writing is not very advanced, but the content is great and the plot’s substructure is interesting. I recommend it for science fiction fans around middle school age.

  The series begins with the disappearance of the main character’s father, whose relationships outside of the world of his solitary bookstore have been declining ever since his wife’s death. Sam Faulkner, the aforementioned main character, begins to look into the circumstances of his dad’s disappearance. Upon visiting his father’s bookstore, he is  into a time-traveling journey that takes him all throughout history as he searches for the key to rescuing his kidnapped father from the legendary Vlad Tepes. Throughout the story, there are interesting characters and historical concepts while incorporating the necessary action. This is a good opportunity for any young readers with similar interests.

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