Writing Terms

05 Jun

Here’s a list of words you might hear when writing or reading and would like to understand:

Closet Drama- (this is not a term for romance novels) it

means a play written to be read, not performed


Climax- the moment of greatest action in a story, usually

 the point where the main character/protagonist faces and

deals with the consequences of all his/her actions or faces

 the antagonist (usually the bad guy)


Biography- (not abbreviated Bio.) the life story of someone

other than the author


Bionote- abbreviated Bio., a short, third person description

 of the author, often found on the back cover of a book


Antagonist- the main character (or force) that tries to stop

the protagonist (the hero or heroine of the story) from

achieving his/her goal.


Allegory- using a situation or character to symbolize a

moral, to teach a lesson, or represent a fact


Alliteration- a series of words that repeat the same sound

(ex: secret sacred sorcerer’s stone)


Cliche- overused expression (OMG is so cliche)


Euphemism- a phrase used to make something bad sound

better than it is (ex: He passed on. instead of He’s dead.)


Voice- an author’s voice is the style of expression they use


Onomatopoeiaa- a word that sounds like its meaning (ex:

sizzle, hiss, and buzz)


Personification- making an inatimate object have human




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  1. Supey says:

    Closet drama! I’ve never heard that one before. This gives me flash backs to Lit class but you’re way easier to understand, less long winded.

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