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04 Jun
  1. I once heard someone say that a good story needs to have both a carrot and a stick: something needs to force the characters forward and something else needs to inspire them to continue.
  2.   Not all writing begins well. It takes a lot of work to take something and change it from an idea to reality. Never give up because it seems to hard. Chances are, you’ve just hit the climax, and from there it’ll always get easier. In a book this is called falling action.
  3.   Learn to take advise and criticism. It will seem hard, but roll with the punches and adjust to fit controversy. However don’t be a push-over. Be a mediator between the reader and the story.
  4. Write what you know, not what you know will sell.
  5. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.
  6. Always have more than one project, have another story you can turn to. Chances are, you’ll get frustrated sometimes and its good to have something else already started for you to work on.
  7. Make each character unique, some writers don’t make all their characters unique, and books like that are boring.
  8. Characters cannot be perfect. Ever. People aren’t, and chances are, making a perfect character will just bore them. All characters make mistakes, just like people. Perhaps the best known character right now is Edward in the Twilight Saga written by Stephanie Meyers. He made mistakes. In New Moon, he left Bella. His mistake is what creates the climax of that particular story. When you create a character they are defined by their faults as much as they are defined by their achievements.
  9. Take pride in you work.  

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  1. T.L.H. says:

    This is really interesting. I can really use these.

  2. Doug Ross says:


    I am copying this to my blog on my website and will give you full credit!


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