Getting Involved In Your Community

05 Jun

  I have included here some suggestions on how you can get involved in your community:

  • Join Relay for Life: Relay is a society of people toiling together to   work towards giving everyone all over the world an opportunity to recognize the people who have battled cancer, to remember those we have lost, and to fight back


  • Volunteer at your local library: if you talk to your local librarian about volunteer oppurtunities, she/he willl supply you information on what’s available


  • Join National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society: these organizations were formed to help middle school/ high school students get more involved in their community


  • (Helpful Hint: each of the suggested organizations count towards the hours required for a high school diploma and count in Florida for Bright Futures)

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, I do Relay, too! It’s a really great way to help people with cancer who deserve a better chance.

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