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20 Nov

     Are you a fan of R.A. Spyder’s work? Leave a message here in order to apply for automatic emailed updates. Just type your email in the box requesting your email and your name above with a comment saying Yes, I would like automatic updates to receive bi-monthly emails  beginning on January 1st, 2010. I assure you that our privacy policy guarantees your email and name are kept singularly for R.A. Spyder’s use  for updates.

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  1. Sara Hand says:

    Would like a RSS feed to make your life easier and to keep up to date on what you are doing.

  2. Carolyn Chandler (editor/reviewer) says:

    I cannot wait until I have my own personal copy of Nightrise in my hands. I have read it and am looking forward to the next journies. I know you and love you right now. Just think, I can say I knew you and loved you when you were writting and publishing your FIRST book. That’s a RUSH.

    Keep them coming and enjoy every moment.

    Love, Carolyn

  3. Ford says:

    hey it’s pams son who you met at gwiz. i was wondering if you had any more artwork since im doing a project on your book and send it to me. it’s be very apriciated.

  4. Lavatiger says:

    I’m a very big fan, and a very good friend. (Or at least I would hope…)

  5. HAILEY! says:

    big fan, we miss you so much, we are all loseing our sanity without your epicness!

  6. AliantDarKShadows says:

    I so agree with Hailey

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