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21 Jun

What character are you most like? Send in your answers to this quiz to find out…

Nightrise Characters:

   If you were attacked, you would…

a. take out your sword and kill all your attackers without delay

b. run away screaming and/or shaking

c. defend the people with you

d. take the bullet for the person you love

e. use your magical powers to turn your attackers good

f. make your attackers fall so deeply in love with you that they cannot bear to harm you

g. tell your attackers that if they take one step closer, they will die

h. make friends with them and convince them to become your minions

i. trust your friend to defend you

  If you chose:

a. You are Art (a good person, brave, kind, great swordfighter, doesn’t waste time talking)

b. You are Della (smart but shy and scared)

c. You are Matthew Nightrise (serious, devoted, brave, willing to risk everything for who you care about)

 d. You are Will (lovestruck, sarcastic, stubborn, courageous)

 e. You are Professor Adams (paternal, intelligent, tall, confident, kind)

 f. You are the Librarian (you have a secret, a terrible temper, you are absolutely brilliant, gorgeous, manipulative, and you love to read)

 g. You are Amy Nightrise (pretty, sarcastic, a firebrand, and conniving)

 h. You are a shade (evil, control freak, and scheming)

 i. You are Eddie (you may be a coward, but when your friends aren’t able to defend themselves, then you will be brave, you live in your friend’s shadows, you’re trusting)

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