Becoming Known

20 Nov

Have you ever wanted to see your work in print and be known as a published author? Well here’s your chance. Below is a list of places and ways  to get your work in print or to help young authors along that road.

  1. Check for local papers and contests in your area
  2. a site for young authors and readers
  3. Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off! (
  4. great place to go for practice and ideas
  5. a print magazine for 9-13 year olds to submit works of various styles for print
  6. a site for online publication

2 Responses

  1. This is a good list. Have you found any good ones lately?

  2. Krystan says:

    teen ink is a good website. I use it and they have their own magazine so if you post something good it gets put in the mag. It can be stories, drawings, songs, etc… blahh they have lots of contests.

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