What Happens Next: Story #2

09 Aug

What Happens Next: Story #2

“Alessia!” the voice from my dream echoed through my head as I slowly pulled into the High School parking lot at sunrise, it was crowded and confusion reigned. I grimaced as the sunlight gathered and pooled in my eyes, blinding. There was a strange, hollow feeling in my stomach as I looked out over the familiar landscape; it still felt like an institution with its foreboding chain-link fences and stark white surroundings, brilliant in the reflected sunlight. Around me, the parking lot was a heartless black affair, the white and neon yellow lines directing traffic obvious to the point of offence. I grimaced and parked as usual. Over the summer, nothing had changed, at least not for me. The cliques, in whom I held no part, gathered in clusters around the flashy, ever present cars, of the jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends, the techies, nerds, and Emo people came next, a nervous looking nerd nearby’s adams apple bobbed as he stared off into the pandemonium. After that there were the “OMG”s, who are kinda hard to describe, but the best words I can think of are ditsy blonds and cheerleaders who couldn’t get “guy friends”. I laughed nervously and ran my fingers through my auburn hair, checking my watch, 6:35. Forty more minutes. It was going to be a long day.

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