What Happens Next: Story #1

09 Aug

    What Happens Next: Story #1 

   The silvery full moon had already risen high above the arid landscape when a lone, ragged figure stepped out onto a rocky outcropping, melting into form from the shadows of the forest. She was scared and helpless, but would not show it, for she was brave, beyond comprehension and stupidity. The hunters were beyond Vraceao’s power to fight and were coming for her. She knew it, but would not give up Rienno, not for her life. Though she knew her life may be the cost, she did not care, Rienno was hers. Forever. She could here the silence of their footsteps approaching…faster…faster, but she would not move, they approached from the shadows, but she could still see them, through eyes not entirely her own. 

                   What will you decide for Vraceao’s fate?

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