The Hero’s Journey

08 Aug

  A while ago I found something really helpful called “The Hero’s Journey.” If you like to write, its definitely worth looking up. It takes you through the steps any well written book’s hero should experience. It simplifies the writing process and helps you build a plot and a story that will be worth reading. For all you guys out there who are reading this, I’d like to encourage you now to try this. I believe that if you really try, you can do anything. Good luck. I hope this helps you as you figure out what you like to write. And feel free to send me anything if you want an opinion or even a helping hand. All comments go through me first, so if you want something to stay private, just write that in and feel free to contact me anytime. I hope you find the hero’s journey helpful when you’re creating a hero of your own. -R.A. Spyder

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