AMSCO, and One of the Few Things I’ve Learned from it…

03 Feb

If you do not know what AMSCO is, AMSCO is a curriculum that helps Floridian students prepare themselves for FCAT. It is, to some, a very informative book, and has helped many people achieve their goals regarding FCAT. Luckily, I have never had much of a problem with FCAT, and have thus not held a great value to the AMSCO curriculum. There is, however, one very important thing I did learn, and that is the steps to writing a story.

The first step is the exposition. This is where you introduce the readers to the main characters and the setting.

The second step is the inciting incident, which is the happening that begins the action and first captures the readers interest. .

The third step is the rising action. This is the part of the story where the level of stress and suspense begins to rise.

The fourth step is the climax. This is the confrontation between forces and the part of the book with the highest level of interest.

The fifth step is the falling action, which is where everything leading up to the climax is resolved. This step may also be known as the resolution, or (depending on the intricacy of the book) they may be separate.

So there is a year of learning summarized. Everything else… If you don’t know it, then hope through hell and high waters that you’re never confronted with an FCAT. If you do… I slept through forty-five minutes of my first FCAT, which is twenty-five minutes more than I slept during my first PSAT. And I got a 211! (on the PSAT)

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