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River Secrets by Shannon Hale

31 Oct

A thoroughly satisfying novel with parts to

 satisfy all readers, River Secrets is a

wonderful novel that thoroughly indoctrinates

 the reader into its plot. By the surprising end

 of the novel I realized it was truly exquisite

 workmanship. Shannon Hale has

outdone herself with River Secrets and

deserves a hearty “Huzzah!” for her efforts.

I really do reccomend it and I sincerely hope

 that Razo and the other characters capture

 your heart as they did mine. Enjoy your own

 journey through the mysterious and

potentially deadly streets of Indigran as

 fire-speakers rampage throughout the

 land and clandestine plots threaten

the peace that they have so struggled

to rebuild after the great war as it was

 described in Enna Burning, another tale

 of Bayern and one also highly


- R.A. Spyder 

The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller

31 Oct

Karen Miller   The Innocent Mage, written by Karen

Miller has a unique charm contributed greatly to by her

skill at characterization. I enjoyed it immensely,

 finding myself able to understand and associate

to the characters easily. However, I find myself

 desiring more said. The open ending left me,

  frankly, eager to discover what would happen

 and slightly disappointed that the author ended

 the story in book one where she did, leaving me

 quite unsatisfied. Still, I can’t wait to read the

 next book and recommend this one to anyone

 desiring to further their writing skills,

 as Karen Miller is an experienced and

talented example of a skilled ”personifier,”

 which is to say that she can take words

 on a page and transform them into people

 that are complex and realistic. She has

that faction of the art of writing mastered.

 Because of that, her book is absolutely

 worth reading.

-R.A. Spyder

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