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Writer’s Block

09 Aug

How to Cure It:

  There are as many ways to cure writer’s block as there are possible reasons why you have it. Most commonly it’s because you can’t think of what could happen next, but there are many other reasons why you might have it. If you have it, you may be finding that what you normally do to solve your problem isn’t working. Luckily for you, there are tons of other ways to solve your problem. Below is a list of cures for writer’s block. They’re not guaranteed, but chances are, one of them will work for you like they’ve worked for me and the other writers I know.

  • Break your routine: if there’s a pattern to how you normally write, for example if you always write at your desk in the morning, switch it up.


  • Live a little: A boring life makes for boring writing, try something new, do something crazy.


  • One thing I’ve tried that’s easy to use and helpful is something like Wreck This Journal, a journal made to be destroyed. It’s something out of the ordinary to try. One of the main points of this cure and many of the others is to introduce creativity. This, I have found, is normally the best thing to do for a case of writer’s bock.


  • Do something you haven’t done since you were little. Memories will create emotions, which will inspire you in your own writing.


  • Create a story behind the next person or everyday object you see. For example, on the train in the beginning of the book Silverfin there is a part where a character is watching his fellow passengers and making up stories for each of them (the man in the corner with the briefcase robbed a bank and is escaping with the money). It may seem strange, but it helps you with your creativity.


  • Alternate Reading Material- If you normally read a certain type of book, try something new, it is surprising how such a little change can make such a big difference in your own writing. 


  • If you have writer’s block regarding a particular story, don’t add on to it without inspiration. Edit it. Go back and remove a little until you have changed it enough that you can make the plot run down a different path. If it doesn’t work, you can always change it back.



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