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05 Jun

We are educated by the surprises we encounter,

mystified by the challenges we face,

and often amazed at the glory hidden within the world’s fingertips,

asking not of, nor noticing what’s already in our grasp.

We qualify by our inexperience and must learn from

our unpredictability.

Sometimes a heart may falter,

Sometimes its path may alter,

But for you and me,

Forever we will be.

Swiftly moves the sword,

yet swifter still the heart,

love once last depart.


violent, hungry, seeking,

raging, roaring, coming


rising, whirling, reeking,

stifling, dying, numbing


round the corner peeking,

to his arms go running


leaping, dancing, sneaking,

furling, beauty stunning


left a mother weeping,

empty heart yet drumming


in bed a child sleeping,

to him no father coming


flames cradle resting head,

sweet peace his mind still seeking,

from death no warning ever comes,

so me you’d best be heeding,

for from him there is no cheating.

This tree I love,

if loving is to see,

the beauty from the inside out,

the beauty of this tree.

more to be added…

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